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Welcome to the UCatchem Guide Service Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Report! I try to update my Ray Roberts Fishing Report often so that you have up to date fishing information for Ray Roberts Bass, Crappie, White Bass and even Catfish.

I’m on the Lake all year round and try to share fishing tips and tricks to help Anglers that are wanting to catch Lunker Bass, Slab Crappie and coolers full of Sand Bass. Let me know if you have any questions about my Fishing Report, and as always, give me a call if you want to Schedule a day of Fishing on Lake Ray Roberts!

The water temperature at Ray Roberts has cooled down to the low 70s and the water is clear. The cooler temperature has made for good fishing and it should continue to get even better through November.

White Bass surface activity has come to an end and they are schooling up on deep off shore structure. The next couple months is my favorite time for catching White Bass. They can be found holding near the bottom in 30-40 feet of water. I watch my electronics as I idle over points and humps in this depth water. After a school of fish is located we drop slabs to the bottom and jig them up and down. This technique will produce a limit of fish in a hurry when the right school is located.

Crappie are biting on the Corps of Engineer brush piles in water 20-30 feet deep. Minnows have produced the best for me lately. We are catching a lot of fish that are under the legal size of 10 inches. However, if you are persistent and do not run out of minnows you can catch some nice Crappie.

Largemouth Bass fishing is improving with the cooler water temperature. We are catching fish in 2-6 feet of water on crankbaits. Bass fishing should also continue to improve. I have found in the past that the quality of the bass caught will get much better in the next few weeks as the water temp continues to drop.​

The fishing for White Bass on the lake recently has been the best it has been in years. As a matter of fact maybe ever. I have been a full time guide on the lake since it opened in January 1990 and can not remember it being better at any time. In the morning hours between about 7-10 large schools of mostly keeper size ( 10″ minimum length) fish are chasing Shad to the surface and gorging themselves. You can catch fish on numerous small lures that resemble a Shad. At the height of the activity it is not unusual to catch a fish on every cast. If you would like to stock your freezer with fillets or you are just wanting enough for a meal or two, now is the time to be on the lake. Check out my website if you are interested in getting in on this action. I am running a four hour weekday special. Give me a call if you are interested.​

Despite the strong winds in the area it has been a great week of fishing on Ray Roberts. We have caught Largemouth Bass up to almost ten pounds, several Crappie between one to two plus pounds and limits of White Bass. Although most of us thought this great fishing would be much earlier this year than normal because of our very warm winter, it has turned out to be the same time as most years.

The spawn is still in process and many of the fish caught are heavy with eggs. I have said for years if I had to pick only one month of the year to fish it would be May. It is looking like this will be another year that will justify my choice. After all, the largest 5 bass stringer of Largemouth Bass I have caught on the lake in 27 years of guiding was on Memorial Day weekend in the late 90’s. On that day a client and myself caught 5 Largemouth that weighed 42 pounds. They were all caught in about a 30 minute time frame. There are plenty of big fish of all three species to be caught in the next few weeks.

Lake Ray Roberts is just a few inches below normal level and the water clarity is clear. Fishing has been good for several weeks.

Largemouth Bass fishing is very good. Many smaller bass can be caught around flooded willows on main lake points as well as in the back of coves. Topwaters, spinnerbaits, and lipless crankbaits will all produce fish in these areas. Most of these fish are from 10″ long up to a couple pounds, with an occasional 3-5 lb. fish. This week we also caught a few fish on main lake points in 20-25 feet of water on Carolina rigged frys. These were better quality fish, from 6-9 1/4 lbs.

White Bass have also cooperated well recently. There are large schools that can be found on main lake points in 20-40 feet of water. A slab jigged on the bottom is normally the best way to load the boat with these fish.

Crappie fishing is fair with most coming from Corps of Engineer brush piles on minnows. Best depth is 20-35 feet of water. You will have to release a lot of the fish because many are under the 10 inch minimum length limit. However, with patience you should be able to collect enough keeper size fish for a few meals.

Fishing at Ray Roberts Lake has been very good for weeks and is now even better.

Crappie are showing up on brush piles in 15-20 feet of water. They are hitting minnows and small jigs fished over the top of the brush. There are a lot of small fish but also good numbers in the 12-15″ range.

White Bass fishing, as is most of the time is great. We have been catching limits of large fish. Last year I believe there was one of the most successful spawns on the lake that there has been in many years. Therefore, there are numerous small fish in the lake. At times we catch a few hundred of the small fish while putting together limits of the larger fish. Most of our fish have been caught on slabs fished on the bottom in 20-30 feet of water. However, fish are showing up now in shallow water on main lake points and will be easy to catch on many different small lures.

Largemouth Bass can be found in 2-10 feet of water on points. They will hit topwater lures early in the day. By mid morning switch to Texas or Carolina rigged soft plastics fished in and around the flooded brush and willows.

The lake level is just under four feet above normal pool. The state has two boat ramps open, Isle Du Bois and Jordan park. The surface temperature is 48 degrees and the water clarity is clear to stained.

Bass fishing is slow with not many bites. However, the quality of the fish more than makes up for the slow action. Clients and myself have landed several fish this last week of more than 4 pounds with a couple to 10 pounds. We are catching our fish on main lake points in 20-30 feet of water. Alabama rigs have been the best lure. If you have the patience to fish a few hours for one or two bites it is an excellent time to catch a trophy Largemouth Bass!

White Bass action is good with some large schools on main lake points in 35-45 feet of water. We are using slabs jigged near the bottom to catch these fish. Many of these fish are good size weighing 1-2 pounds.

Although it is early February and the water is cold, fishing is good.

Fishing is great at Lake Ray Roberts! Recently, rain in the watershed has pushed the lake level to about a foot over normal level. Therefore, there is a small release of water from the lake. Water temperature has fallen to the 60s and all species of fishing is good. Thanks to a very successful spawn this year, I believe we have more fish and baitfish than we have had in many years. We should have excellent fishing for the next few years, barring any unusual events by Mother Nature.

White Bass are plentiful and can be caught on slabs jigged on the bottom on points and humps in 20 to 40 feet of water.

Crappie fishing is good for the first time in a while. They are being caught on minnows and jigs on the Corps of Engineers brush piles in 15-30 feet of water. You can also catch them in standing timber in the same depth water. Not only is the number of Crappie good, the average size is better than it has been in years.

Largemouth Bass are cooperating! They are being caught on a variety of lures fished along the shore in 2-6 feet of water. Good numbers are coming from the main lake as well as in the creeks. Crank baits and spinnerbaits fished in shallow water are a couple of the most productive choices this time of year.

Having been a full time fishing guide on the lake for 26 years, I can say that the overall fishing is better than it has been in several years!

The best fishing action lately on Lake Ray Roberts has been for surfacing White Bass. Look for fish pushing Shad to the surface around Cates Point and Culp Island. At times there are also schools scattered on the flat just north of Culp Island. When the fish are on the surface actively feeding there are numerous small lures that will catch fish. Use any bait that resembles a 2-3″ Shad and it will work. This activity is fast and furious when you are lucky enough to meet in the same location as the fish. These schools can appear anywhere at about any time of day. However from sun up until about mid morning is normally the most consistent.

The Public Boat Ramps on Lake Ray Roberts have been closed for days due to the damage that could be caused to the ramps because of the high water level.  If you are heading out to Ray Roberts make sure and call the State Park or Marina ahead of time to find out if any Public Boat Ramps are open.  I’ve been out on the Lake a few times and the Bass are biting right now.  The White Bass and Crappie are slow but I caught 17 Bass in just a few hours yesterday while scoping out some great fishing spots.  Ray Roberts is full and has lots of debris floating in it right now so if you get out on the Lake, make sure and be safe with all of the debris floating in the water.

As of today the Water Level of Lake Ray Roberts is 98.4% full!  The recent rainfall has really helped to raise the Water Level and bring it up to Levels that have not been seen in years.  For Tips and Tricks to catch fish on Ray Roberts, make sure and read through my Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Report below!

With the recent rainfall Ray Roberts is rapidly approaching its normal elevation. The lake has not been at its normal level in several years. The water will be very muddy in the creeks and coves. The good news is with several feet of flooded shoreline vegetation it should make for some excellent fishing for a couple months. I expect spinnerbaits, buzz baits and frog imitations to be productive when fished over and around the vegetation. This fishing pattern is one of my all time favorite ways to fish and is normally very productive.

With male bass showing up in the shallows around known spawning areas this previous week, a flurry of spawning activity is not far away. Water temps are approaching 60′ in the protected areas. Creeks and coves on the north side of the lake are always a few degrees warmer than the south side of the lake this time of year because of the angle of the sun. These places are also protected from the north winds in the spring that come with the cold fronts. The best activity in early spring is normally found in these areas. On the east arm of Lake Ray Roberts, Lick, Wolf and Indian creeks are some of the first areas to find spawning Largemouth this time of year. With the recent rise in lake level there is some flooded shoreline vegetation which will provide plenty of cover for spawning fish.

If possible do not miss out on what should be great fishing the next several weeks.

Almost 11lb Lunker Bass caught during one of Jim’s Guided Trips.

Have you heard? Lake Ray Roberts has been named to the Top 100 Bass Lakes by BassMaster Magazine! There’s a reason I love fishing Ray Roberts and this is a great example of how great our Largemouth Bass fishery truly is! If you are looking for a great day of Lunker Bass Fishing call me today at 940-391-5534 and find out what it’s like to Bass fish on a Top 100 Bass Lake.

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Jim Walling found his passion for fishing as a child, and continues to share his wealth of fishing knowledge today. Jim started guiding fishing trips on Lake Ray Roberts when it opened to boats in 1990, and knows every hump, bump and hiding place on the lake. If you want to fish for Trophy Bass, Slab Crappie, White Bass or even Catfish, Jim would love to share his love of fishing with you. Children under 16 fish Free with paying Adult Angler! UCatchem Guide Services offers trips for Individuals, Families, Large Groups and Corporate Events.


My daughter and I just spent a wonderful morning fishing with Jim Walling on Lake Ray Roberts. He is the guide with UCatchem Guide Service. Catchem is right! Jim knew exactly where to go to find the feeding white bass. We both caught well over 30 fish and kept a few to eat. Jim fileted the ones we kept. We met him at the state park at Ray Roberts and left from the boat ramp. It is a wonderful park that we camped in two years ago. It has nice campsites, a wonderful trail for hiking or biking, and a “beach” for swimming. We are not experienced fishermen, so having a guide was very helpful. He was not only knowledgeable, but very friendly and easy to talk to. He had all the equipment for us to use, as well as life jackets, and a fantastic boat. He was patient with my daughter and helped her with casting and taking the fish off the hook. Quickly she was catching fish and removing them all herself(except the catfish!) We fished for about 5 hours and the cost of $250 was well worth it.

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