Tungsten Jigs, Advantages & Disadvantages

Tungsten Jig Advantages

Tungsten jigs have a variety of advantages over lead. When fishing with tungsten jigs, it is easier to feel changes on the bottom, especially from a rock bottom to mud. Tungsten, while denser, deflects off rocks much easier than lead leading to less snags and less lure loss. Lead, being lead, is soft, therefore when bouncing off hard bottoms and rocks, tends to scrape and scratch, thus taking lead (weight) away from the jig, also changing how the jig performs. Another upside to the density of tungsten jigs, is the sensitivity you feel, while also being smaller in size compared to a lead jig of the same weight.

The fact that tungsten is one a smaller profile and two, tougher than lead is a huge plus. This leads to less snags, which obviously causes less line fray, which may help you justify the cost of spending a little extra on tungsten jigs.

Disadvantages of Tungsten

The number one disadvantage of using tungsten jigs and from my perspective the only disadvantage, is the obvious cost of tungsten. Yes, lead is substantially cheaper than tungsten, and if you’re on a budget, or have a knack for losing lures, like yours truly, it isn’t the most cost-effective way to fish. But if you’re looking to up your fishing game with the multitude of advantages of using tungsten, I would suggest at least giving it a shot.

With that being said, as avid anglers, even hunters and years of experience afield or on the water, we can all agree that the saying “you get what you pay for” is absolutely true. Tungsten jigs obviously offers a great deal of advantages with the only drawback being the cost.

About Lake Ray Roberts

One of 22 reservoirs on the Trinity River, 29,000 acre Lake Ray Roberts provides water to Dallas and Denton and helps contain floods, something it did admirably in 2015 when the record book got tossed out. More importantly for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, the lake provides habitat for fish and wildlife and a venue for fishing, swimming and boating. Folks can catch largemouth and white bass, crappie and catfish here. The lake record largemouth bass is 15.18 lbs; blue catfish 53.09 pounds, and flathead catfish, 62.60 lbs.

Those fishing from a boat are likely to hook crappie around brush piles, standing dead trees and bridge piers, especially bridges at Buck Creek (north of Pilot Point) and on FM 922 across the north side of the lake. Sand bass surface in open water south of Wolf Island, north of Hawthorn Island and off the park’s Culp Branch, which is just west of the dam. These fish like jigs and minnows. Black bass lurk along cliff faces on the east side of the dam, as well as in coves and around underwater structure. Catfish tend to hang out under trees where egrets and cormorants roost. Many anglers enlist the services of local Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Guide, Ucatchem Guide Services, to put them on the best places to fish.

Since 1987, when the lake was dammed, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has stocked these waters with hundreds of thousands of Florida largemouth bass as well as channel catfish and shad.


About UCATCHEM Lake Ray Roberts Guide Service

Jim Walling found his passion for fishing as a child, and continues to share his wealth of fishing knowledge today. Jim started guiding fishing trips on Lake Ray Roberts when it opened to boats in 1990, and knows every hump, bump and hiding place on the lake. If you want to fish for Trophy Bass, Slab Crappie, White Bass or even Catfish, Jim would love to share his love of fishing with you. Children under 16 fish Free with paying Adult Angler! UCatchem Guide Services offers trips for Individuals, Families, Large Groups and Corporate Events.


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